Questions regarding the security of your password/data manager

  • What is a "Master Password" and why is it important?

    Your Master Password (also called Master Key) is the password you use to install Bulgari Vault on all of your devices. Think of it as your first line of defense and the personal key to all of your data; i.e. you and only you should know what it is.
    Bulgari Vault requires all users to have a strong Master Password to ensure a maximum level of data protection. The shorter or easier your password, the easier it is to be guessed. That’s the reason why WISeKey requires your Master Password contain at least 8 characters, including mixed-case letters and numbers and special chars.
  • Can WISeKey or Bulgari see my passwords?

    No. Your data is protected by a Master Password. WISeKey wants to maximize your security, as well as WISeKey’s: this is why WISeKey does not store your Master Password on servers. Everything you store within Bulgari Vault is encrypted into a local Database protected with the Master Password chosen by you. No one will know it except you. So WISeKey advises you to keep a copy of your Master Password in a safe physical place.
  • What happens if I forget my Master Password?

    Because WISeKey never stores even a derivative of your Master Password, WISeKey cannot recover your data if you forget it - you need to start over with Bulgari Vault. WISeKey users understand that this is the only way for WISeKey to ensure that their data is inaccessible to anyone but them. Once a new Sign Up is done by you, the data which are inaccessible due to the loss of Master Password will be deleted from the Cloud within 1 month.
  • Why don’t you store my Master Password or provide password hints?

    If WISeKey had this information stored then it would leave your information vulnerable. By not storing your Master Password ANYWHERE WISeKey ensures an utmost level of security. 
  • How is it that Bulgari Vault Team doesn't store even a derivative of my Master Password? Doesn't the app need it to work?

    No. WISeKey and its employees do not need and will not require your Master Password. To access the app, the authentication is based on the method(s) you choose to unlock it (either fingerprint, facial recognition, pattern, password or a combination thereof, as chosen by you, for additional security), which is different from your Master Password. Your Master Password is used on the other hand to decrypt your own data locally on your device and will need to be inserted every time the App is first installed in a different device
  • What if I lose my phone/device with the Bulgari Vault App?

    Again your data is saved and encrypted in your device with the irreversible Master Password setup to decipher them. Besides, if you have subscribed for the Cloud Service, your data is kept secured in a highly protected data center located in Swiss bunkers encrypted with the strongest encryption in the industry – AES 256.
  • Can my BVLGARI watch unlock the app as one of the authentication methods?

    Not as of today, but this feature might be released in the future for certain watches which will embed the necessary NFC Trusted Cryptographic Chip.
  • What type of hosting and storage do you use?

    Highly secure cloud storage services hosted in Switzerland. This ensures that your data remains encrypted and hosted under the most strict and neutral privacy regulations.
  • What are some additional steps I can take to stay safe?

    1. Depending on your device, the BVLGARI VAULT offers you several levels of security, which can be combined, to access and use the BVLGARI VAULT (password, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and four-point gesture connection). While all such levels of security are secure fields you may want to combine more of them to strengthen the overall level of security. Additional information in this regard are provided in https://www.bulgarivault.com/
    2. It is important to have a different and strong password for all of your online accounts. This is for your protection as reusing passwords for multiple accounts increases the likelihood you will fall victim to a breach or hacking incident. If a hacker gains access to one of your accounts they can easily access others if you are reusing the same login credentials.
    3. Change your passwords frequently using our Password Changer. It’s important to change your passwords frequently as security breaches often go undetected for months at a time, so you never know when a specific account may be affected. WISeKey recommends you to change passwords every 90 days to minimize your risk.
  • If you have any issue. Please contact us via support@wisekey.com.

    For more information on security levels, technology features, security measures, risks connected to cyber services and instructions for use please visit also https://www.wisekey.com/products/wiseauthentic/



AES-256 encryption (the world's leading standard), with 64,000 rounds of PBKDF2 salt. Widely accepted as the strongest existing encryption (AES) Advanced Encryption Standard is included in the ISO/IEC 18033-3 standard, is used by many governments to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data.


The key that encrypts your data is protected by Master Password. There is by default NO RECORD of them anywhere – neither on your device, nor on our servers and it is never transmitted onto the web.


If you have chosen to subscribe for the Cloud Service, data are kept physically in a high-security bunker in Switzerland


The App provides up to 4 authentications methods to access the BVLGARI VAULT: (password, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition and four-point gesture connection) which are cumulative and may be combined to strengthen the overall level of security. The App is structured to provide for a layered defense, which makes more difficult for an unauthorized person to access: what the user knows (password), what the user has (his mobile) and what the user is (biometric verification).


Two keys are used in this data encryption and authentication dual-system: besides the public key (used by most security systems), a second private key is required to decipher the information.


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    Your data is encrypted with the strongest algorithm available today, and its implementation follows extremely high standards of security from WISeKey, a Swiss leader in encryption technology

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    Because WISeKey does not record your Master Password or any hash/derivative of it on servers, your data can be decrypted ONLY BY YOU.

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    If you are worried about your "data in the cloud", you can choose to keep your encrypted data purely local - i.e. only on your device